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Unicycle Samurai is a bloody yet light-hearted, local 2-player jousting game built around outmaneuvering your opponent and collecting powerups.


Alternative Controls

Unicycle Samurai has a two-player alternative controls version where you control the game by shifting your weight on a unicycle seat and tapping pedals with your feet.

Now appearing in the alt.ctrl.GDC showcase at GDC 2023!

Unicycle Samurai's alt controls version has the honor of being selected for alt.ctrl.GDC, the Alternative Controls Showcase at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco March 22-24, 2023. Read more:

If you'd like you know a little bit more, you can also check out our GDC Judges' Video


Original Game

Unicycle Samurai is also available on PC and Mac with traditional controllers and contains four arenas. Please check it out at Unicycle Samurai on itch.io (previously also part of the MSU Charity Bundle).


Unicycle Samurai was developed by a team of graduate and undergraduate students in MSU's Game Design program. Preproduction was done by a team of four over two 4-week projects in MI 455 Game Design & Development II, then a team of seven in MI 497 Game Design Studio produced the game over the course of a 15-week semester, with help from three other individuals outside the class team.

Prototype Team (MI 455, Spring 2022)

  • Kirsten Alumbaugh - Environment Artist
  • Peter Guenther - Programmer / Producer / Alt Controls
  • Cameron Havlish - Sound Engineer / Quality Assurance Manager
  • Al Wang - Character Artist & VFX Artist

Production Team (MI 497, Fall 2022)

  • Kirsten Alumbaugh - 3D / Environmental Artist
  • Peter Guenther - Producer / Alt Controls Engineer
  • Cameron Havlish - Sound Engineer / Quality Assurance Manager
  • Adam Kasumovic - Unity Programmer
  • Jordan Latta - 3D Artist, VFX, & UI
  • Tate Moorhouse - Unity Programmer
  • Remy Streichenberger - Mechanic / Level Designer
With additional support from:
  • Eileen Snyder - Music Composer
  • Al Wang - Character & VFX Artist
  • Yuchen Zhang - Additional UI Art